The Alexander technique is an educational discipline focusing on bodily coordination and awareness.

It is applied for purposes of recovering freedom of movement, in the mastery of performing arts, and for general self-improvement affecting poise, impulse control and attention.

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Alexander Technique

Individual Tuition

Individual Alexander Technique sessions are taught Tuesday to Saturday.

We call these sessions "lessons". An initial lesson is 1 hour in duration. Generally follow up lessons are 45 mins. However if you are working with a musical instrument or a sporting activity it is sometimes advisable to book lessons for 1 hour.

We provide consultation to a wide variety of people with different interests and needs. They include:

  • Musicians, performers, singers
  • People with injuries or illness that affects comfort, posture and movement
  • Children with gait problems or posture difficulties
  • Pregnant women seeking assistance with posture or comfort
  • RSI, and other wear and tear injuries
  • Neurological illnesses such as Parkinson's disease and Multiple Sclerosis
  • Those with chronic back or neck pain
  • Sports people interested in enhancing their movement or gait
  • People seeking stress relief or management techniques
  • People seeking to reduce pain of any origin

Please contact us for details on our fee structure. Fees vary according to the time requirement of the student. We can also discuss rates for commercial, and organisational consultation.

*Private Health Insurance rebates may apply.
Check with your health fund to see if they cover the Alexander Technique.


At various times throughout the year workshops are offered in the Alexander Technique. In these workshops the philosophy of the Alexander Technique is introduced. There is always plenty of opportunity to explore and experience the nature of the Alexander Technique in a way that is relevant to the individual. We introduce activities that help to improve coordination and posture. Or we spend time looking at an activity of your choice.

Please call the center to find out when the next workshop is scheduled.

Small Group Classes

We are offering a new class this year called Posture, Movement, Performance (PMP).

These classes provide an excellent opportunity to receive some Alexander Technique lessons in a small group class. The class will be limited to 5 participants. The aim is for all students to receive individual assistance.

Individual Assessment and Programs

All new students will require an individual assessment prior to commencing classes. In this session we will discuss your goals and needs for the 5 week block and devise a personal program.

The class format will include a combination of common activities for all participants and a selection of activities tailored to individual goals and needs. As much as possible students will be streamed according to level of experience and area of interest.

The classes will usually run in 5 week blocks. Students are asked to commit to a 5 week course and have the option of continuing on to the next block if they wish.

PMP: 2 x 5week blocks

DATES Block 1: Please register your interest by emailing
Block 2:
COST 5 classes for $150.00, payable on commencement

PMP:  2 x 5week blocks

DATES Block 1:
Block 2:
COST 5 classes for $150.00, payable on commencement


  • Tuesday 5.00 — 6.00pm
  • Thursday 5.00 — 6.00pm

For bookings and inquiries speak to Kate or Chris

Walking Workshops

Learn to move freely and with ease. Improve your power and walk further with less effort.
Whether preparing for a long bush walk or you just want to improve comfort and efficiency in walking - join our Alexander Technique walking workshops.
Alternatively contact us to make a booking for yourself or a small private group.

For bush walk preparation we look at your walking approach, your pack setup, your use of poles if applicable, shoes and boots. We go out into the field and apply the Alexander Technique to flat ground, up hill and down hill. We offer ideas for stretching and recovery. Helping to address individual issues is our priority.

Cost: $95 for an individual and $60 per person for 2 or more people.
We have helped prepare many people for the Camino de Santiago, and other long walks in Australia and overseas.

NEXT SCHEDULED WORKSHOP IS TBA from 2.00-4.00 pm. It costs $60 per person.

Runners Clinic

Have more fun with running by learning to move gracefully and efficiently. Learn either one to one, or in a small group how to improve your running style. You will experience more comfort and stamina by applying Alexander Technique principles to your running.

Call 9482 6737 to make your appointment or to register your interest for a small group session.